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Coast to Coast

I’d say I’ve been busy, but actually these are all small studies I’ve done over time. It’s a pleasure to compose with rolling waves, rocky shorelines, and clouds forming on the horizon. Sometimes having something beautiful, calm and peaceful is just the thing to kick off a weekend.

Bonita Sunshine

Bonita Sunshine


Pacific Waves

Pacific Waves

Downeast - Sunset on Deer Isle

Downeast – Sunset on Deer Isle

As if these aren’t enough ocean views, there’s a near endless supply at: ocean canvas prints

A Day in the Park

Anybody who knows me, knows that parks tend to be places near and dear to me. As a girl, I watched my dad work to get a park built for our community, Edwardsville Park, in little Edwardsville, Indiana. As an adult, I spent nearly a decade as park engineer for a major urban park system, Cincinnati Parks. Trust me, spring and fall are both awesome times to get out and spend a day in a park. Words like fresh, crisp, vibrant and of course colorful come to mind to describe these times. Sometimes, when I’m lucky enough, the place that sparks these words is Mt. Desert Island. Each time I visit, I’m absolutely swept off my feet by how amazing it is. The art I’m working on this week happens to be inspired by and headed to Mt. Desert Island. Here’s a sneak preview.

A Day in the Park Series by Lisa Schafer

A Day in the Park Series

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Workshop Plans

It’s fun to discover and share new ways of being creative.  There are so many materials out there to experiment with these days.  Finding new ways to use old things is half the fun.  The other half comes in sharing.

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These are a few pieces that I’ve been creating to feature as example pieces for a future workshop.