Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Perfect Fit

As an artist, more often than not, you create something, you put your heart into it and then you give it up. Sure, you envision it will be cared for, appreciated, dare I say loved. But, fact of the matter, you frequently never know. Today I got the chance to see a good-sized painting, my work, in a client’s home. Imagine hearing about the care and attention it’s getting, recognizing it has found a great home, and realizing it fits so well that anything else simply wouldn’t seem right. Sometimes, it just feels good to know.

A Day in the Park

Anybody who knows me, knows that parks tend to be places near and dear to me. As a girl, I watched my dad work to get a park built for our community, Edwardsville Park, in little Edwardsville, Indiana. As an adult, I spent nearly a decade as park engineer for a major urban park system, Cincinnati Parks. Trust me, spring and fall are both awesome times to get out and spend a day in a park. Words like fresh, crisp, vibrant and of course colorful come to mind to describe these times. Sometimes, when I’m lucky enough, the place that sparks these words is Mt. Desert Island. Each time I visit, I’m absolutely swept off my feet by how amazing it is. The art I’m working on this week happens to be inspired by and headed to Mt. Desert Island. Here’s a sneak preview.

A Day in the Park Series by Lisa Schafer

A Day in the Park Series