Editing decisions that come with an eclectic set of experiences and the associated body of work aren’t always easy. My first animation was done using a DEC workstation and very klutzy software by today’s standards. It laid the foundation for my understanding of how animation works at the most basic level. It helped me get a scholarship to one of the top d-schools in the country. It also made working with Director, Flash and other software that much easier. Those are software of the past. Technology is always going to change, but a good understanding of design principles is forever.


Penny Greetings – A greeting card app developed in 2010. With this app you can send a “pennycard” penny greeting anytime from anywhere.

Global Greetings – A global version of the penny greeting app.

Concepts from a typography only version of the app. Note: These were originally designed to be animated gifs.


A flash based animation, circa 2000.

Life on the Fringe

Yesterday’s executable may be today’s virus riddled untouchable. Therefore, I offer screenshots of a Director built animation featuring the lifecycle of a frog.  It was originally built as a continuous loop then updated into a step animation.



SCCA Cincinnati – The Cincinnati region of the SCCA hosts several national autocross events. The local and national logo are now conjoined. Major sponsor artwork was included and finally, original artwork, the car and road cones were created using photoshop, illustrator and indesign.

Friends of Little Miami State Park – The original (and my favorite) of several identity concepts.


Contextual Projects

Playing with Matches – It’s become popular to test reasoning skills and sell memory-enhancing products. These are designed to take you to your skill limit and throttle there. No matter how capable, you’ll get to the point of hearing an inner voice say, “What the heck is the relationship?” My response to this experience is an art series entitled, Playing With Matches. It explores the relationship between art and reason.Setting new and different criteria with each turn means new matches are formed as others are discarded.




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